Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So in a conversation I had recently with friends regarding mismatched couples (one is super hot, the other…not so much, yet they seem very happy just the same), I blurted out that I know I am pretty.  Weird.  So very weird.  I don’t think I have said that out loud before and I have since wanted to apologize for it.  Weirder still.  I don’t like to make open-ended comments that leave room for forced compliments…so I decided to leave well enough alone.  I got to thinking….I don’t remember ever truly feeling ugly.  FAT, yes, and always room for improvement, but ugly, not so much.   Also, I smell good, just sayin’.

So this is where it could get a little rambly…

I think about this a lot. We have these great kids to raise, and we need them to have that confidence.  To know they are secure in their knowledge that God created them in his image, that we have instilled the self esteem they require…I want them to feel like they are enough regardless of what media or those around them are saying.  

Being enough. 

Enough to have the confidence to be kind, and have a passion for giving back.
Enough to know that the perceived beauty in billboard sized images is not a reflection of how they should look…or act.
Being enough doesn’t mean we have arrived, but it does mean that there is a peace in the knowledge that there is room to grow. 
Enough to never believe any person who tells them otherwise.

There have been years wasted in insecurity and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  So much inward focus…it’s exhausting.  I know we can’t skip any steps for our kids, they will have their own path, but I do pray that they know they ARE enough, step back, see the beauty in and around them…and hopefully, make better use of their time.


  1. I love this and am SO glad you see your own beauty. :-) I've had my own struggles with believing I'm worth anything at all, and it's so glorious to truly believe I matter now, that I AM worth a great deal - big hips and wobbly bits or not. :-) XO Love you, beautiful lady! :-)

  2. I have always thought you were pretty. Always will. Your beauty is inside AND out. That helps! Your lack of confidence in your appearance has always bothered me. don't like to hear you say you are fat. Because I don't see that! (neither does Brad. he didn't want to comment because he thought it would be creepy)we LOVE YOU! And so does ANYONE who knows you!

  3. Sick, I didn't mean for the onslaught of compliments TRULY!!!! It was more of a message to my kidlets, but that first paragraph kinda won out. Anyway, thank-you Krista, you are so kind! Big hips and wobbly bits...bah hahahaha you have nothing on me missy!

    Erin, Creepy Brad...haha the thought is pretty funny! You two are so good to me, thank-you!

  4. I don't know you, Bobbi, but I know this... It is a gift to be able to see yourself the way God made you, and accept it. See yourself for who you are in Him. Rejoice in it, and use it for Him.

    So many don't learn that lesson. I'm glad you have.

    Willena Flewelling

  5. oh Bobbi, I am so glad that you commented on my blog, because I had lost this address! Now I can put you on my blog list, yay! I love you, girl! You ARE 'pretty'...beautiful really, and I am so blessed to still have you as such a good friend. And yes, you smell good...heehee. :) darc

  6. Thanks Willena, I am a work in progress for sure:)

  7. haha's important, right? Odor is something that usually can be controlled! I love you too!


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