Tuesday, July 19, 2011

But Really, Who's Counting?

So, I think we are on day 6 of our 11 day drive, but honestly, I can't say for sure!  It's been fantastic and insane all rolled into one and as we arrive in San Francisco Sunday Night I was about to have a "Becki" sized hissy fit in the girly truck.  Tired, wanting my own bed, sick of the people I love dearly, and craaaaaaaaaanky!

On the way to San Francisco from Crescent City, I decided that waiting for the sun was senseless and that the kids MUST get in the ocean (they'd been itching to anyway) and with strict instructions to go in up to their knees, they gladly went!

In their defence, they were in up to their knees when the waves hit.  They were soaked, but had a blast!

Kids had to get changed right on the road, they were mortified.  

Paul Bunyan was creepy.  and big-ish.

The Redwoods were AMAZING.  and also big-ish.

Turns out Brenda's salsa is like crack to the hubs...caught him sneaking it more than once.  Salsa intervention? Dear, we love you, but you gots to stop the salsa.

San Francisco Zoo!  The kids had not yet been to a zoo due to the turkey farm for bio security reasons and were thrilled with the experience!

They were particularly happy with the Tarantula Exhibit.

This is a photo of us with San Fran in the background.  Wait...

Solitary Confinement,  pitch black, door closed on us, the boy already heading for the door.
By far the best tour I have experienced.

Cool plane flew by mid tour.  

So that is it. or is it.  Yes it is.  I will save the story of using public transportation on street car F on the way back to our hotel for a day when I have a much stronger stomach.
  I will say this...No, I won't.


  1. I love this!!! San Francisco is my old stomping grounds and you brought back such great memories for me today. :-)


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