Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long and Winding Road: Where Adele and Linkin Park Collide.

It’s been a couple of days since my last post and much has happened…and I didn’t have the energy to take it all in AND blog about it;)

The boy had a significant hair cut, while the girl had a blue extension and feathers put in her hair:)

 The hubs graduated from the National Executive Leadership Institute he attended this past week.  Very proud of him! 

Then we packed up and tottled off to Victoria and the Black Ball Ferry only to realize that we did not reserve and therefore missed the first one to Port Angeles.  This was beyond frustrating as only 18 miles of water stood between me and my friends. 

Ducks outside the Empress in Victoria, the kids enjoyed seeing them and then playing in the yard of the BC legislature building.

Almost 7 hours later I showed up the their door step in Port Angeles, family and luggage in tow. 

 Brenda sent us along with her FAMOUS homemade salsa:)

At Lake Crescent with Dawn and Brenda

 Doesn't matter to the girls that it's glacier water...brrrrrrr!  The boy stayed on the dock.

 We have not had the best weather on our trip so far, but hanging with friends makes it much better.

Too cute!  The girls hit it off's so great, Dawn and I were in grade 8 when we met, and now our daughters have become fast friends.  Dawn and Rob have three lovely daughters, and one awesome Auntie Brenda in their lives.

We enjoyed out brief stay in Port Angeles, but now it was time to move on.  We drove 10 hours and arrived in NewPort last night.  We know there are mountains and lovely scenery out there, but we can't see a lot of it for fog and rain.  Also, it's a WINDY carsick....I even got the hubs carsick while driving today!  We offset it with great Adele and Linkin Park tunes....both albums play like a long and delightful story...much like the road we were driving!

Today we have arrived in Crescent City...the beginnings of the Redwood Trees  and I am watching the kids burn energy in the pool, my ankle swell up and Stu nap through it all:)  

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