Saturday, July 9, 2011


So I didn't post yesterday.  I love a good rant, but whining, not so much, and yesterday I was whiney!
We drove from Strathcona County, AB to Vancouver, BC, a long haul with our kids.  For reasons we don't understand, they were both carsick!  We have driven to Whitehorse and back and not one time did they get sick, not so lucky this time.  We are very thankful for the safe journey, no car troubles, etc.

Today we ventured onto the BC Ferries and headed for Nanaimo.  It was a beautiful experience, one that was new to the kids.  Well, unless you count the Bleriot Ferry (which they were equally excited about, lol!).

                                                             The Men in my life

 I used my 70-200mm today, so I had to be back half of the ferry to get these 'em on the sly!

                            The girl took this, I love what I've done with my hair.

                                                Saw this plane land just as we docked.
           I am a prairie girl...will take the mountains over the ocean, but I like them both together!
                                           The view from our room, not half bad;)

QUOTE from the boy:  "This trip gave me a whole different outlook on this area and the City of Vancouver."

I am NOT sad to leave the cold and rain behind, here is my favourite tweet of the day (hahaha!):

 Dream Crusher Here's a list of things I love about my furnace firing up on July 9th:


  1. No rain here. windy though. I DO love what you have done with your hair! bahahahahahahahaha! ....and the Bleriot Ferry???? bahahahahahah that one cracked me up. I'm jealous of all the water around you. soon it will be my turn! safe travels y'all!

  2. Splendid. If you come back via Tsawwassen, let me know. My restaurant is 15 mins drive from the ferry terminal, Hwy 99 & Steveston Hwy.


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