Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Miss Cooking and Doing Laundry.

So here is what I would like.  Instead of "free" internet and breakfast, could we please have the following:
1-Rib Roast.  Alberta beef of course.
Potatoes, veggies, ingredients for yorkshire pudding and horse radish.
Eating on the road is getting old.

What I am finding is that Free internet is akin to dial up unless you can't sleep and chose to blog at 3:19am. So here goes:

On Tuesday we pulled into Vegas just in time to clean up, order the kids pizza and have a quick date before the show.  We chose Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil, it was excellent!

Our date was comical on so many fronts.  We basically had an hour and twenty minutes so we chose a Steak House in our hotel.  Prices and even decor would indicate that we had chosen well.  Instantly we are asked to have our photo taken.  Ya ya, make it snappy! (hilarious, I know).  Well, 3 poses and 6 photos later the woman leaves.  Settle in to order and it turns out our waiter likes to chat up his clients.  I mean, he had it down to a tee, coming back when he could afford the time to continue the tale in not one but two languages, ironically to show us how he thinks everyone should have perfect english before coming to America.  Food arrives, OH JOY!  As does the woman with our photos.  The food and photos were equally poor.  Pass on photos.  Eat our meal that is perhaps one step up from cafeteria food, pay an insane bill and get the kids and head to the show.  Date night fail.  Thank goodness for Cirque!

Our stay is short lived in Vegas, kid's view of it beyond our hotel.  
I am going to say, I don't love Vegas.  Yes, somewhat related to the bombardment of hussy photos in every direction, but also for the same reason I don't like any overly crowded and loud place.  I am a very social being, but this is not my style.  

Back on the road.  The Hubs likes to bend the snot out of our maps, use them and pass them back to me to  return them to their natural state. 

We didn't take Route 66, but of course I had to have a photo of a sign.

Arrived in Grand Canyon Wednesday afternoon, rooms weren't ready so we headed right out to view it! This is us trying to get started on the 3 mile walking path.  I can see why we had difficulty locating the canyon as it's only 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep. 
The Hub's folks met us for this stop and we could not take in enough of the spectacular view!

He SWEARS he is smiling.

This is a reunion tour for the inlaws, they took the Hubs on a road trip to the Grand Canyon when he was young.  Apparently he sat on the floor of the car and said he would never come back.  Ha!

Dodged that bullet.

Well that is it.  I did laundry tonight and it was glorious.  Except the whole spending 2.5 hours in sauna like conditions waiting for it to be done.  Up in a few hours for breakfast and we hit the road once more.  Good times, great memories, slow internet.


  1. Absolutely loving this trip of yours. :-) Even your misadventures are a hoot. :-)

  2. Oh my, you were up early!! Thanks for reading, we are having fun:)

  3. Love this blog Bobbi! Thanks for taking us all with you on your family vay-cay!


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