Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iPhone Diaries: Spelunking

Well today's photos will be a little different...all were taken with my Camera+ App on my iPhone, so the quality won't be great.  We had a full day.  The kids and I trekked over to Coombs to see Goats on the Roof.  Would have been AWESOME if we had actually seen said goats.  On a Roof.  We didn't.  Saw two in a field though and that my friends, was STELLAR.  Here is a link that will show you actual goats on a roof.  http://www.oldcountrymarket.com/

From there we proceeded to head to Horne Lake Caves.  I was under the impression that we were signed up for a family friendly 1.5 hr, 1 cave spelunking experience only to discover  upon arrival that the Hubs had different ideas, we have 3hr, 3 caves to go.  AHHHHHHHH.  I have NEVER wanted to spelunk. I do however like to expose the kids to a variety of activities, so off we go!

This is me, blissfully unaware of what the future holds...or maybe that's a nervous grin...

Yep and this is how we entered the cave, right onto a ladder.  I don't know how I got through this, but I puked a little just looking at this photo!  Maybe it was the 6yr old in our group that motivated me.

The boy taking it all in stride.

No touching this stuff please.  What's it called?  Who remembers? I was just trying to remember to breath in, breath out.

The Girl.  Touching that stuff we aren't supposed to touch, but they had a sample, so we touched it.

The Family posing in front of the cave I passed on.  Apparently they climbed beside a waterfall in that cave.  Sounds spectacular, doesn't it?  Yet, I have nary a regret.  Also: saw nary a goat here either I should add.  I did say I'd rather face any bears that wandered by over entering another cave.  The second cave had many tight spots in it, and once in the farthest reaches of the cave, after splashing in it's cold waters to let it know I arrived (ya, I know) I thought me and my helmet would be trapped forever.  I felt like crying, puking and screaming all at once.  I collected myself and focused on just getting out, and once out, NEVER to return.  The end.  

p.s. the kids loved it.  I hate that.

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  1. How fun!! You are so brave. I'm scared stiff of caves. :-)


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